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From our Chairperson...


On December 11, 2015, we sent out a letter to all of the current sponsors of AIDS orphaned kids in the AFnetAid program that we could locate - through U.S. mail and/or e-mail- to inform them of some changes taking place within Santa Cruz Cares….and our relationship to AFnetAid and its parent AFnet. March 2, 2016, we received another one back from the Post Office, and realized that not everyone has received or understood the transitions…so we’ll post it here and trust that our sponsors have checked the website from time to time.


AFnet continues to support its AFnetAid division, and takes responsibility for the 3 AIDS orphan programs it has developed. If you have been a sponsor, or wish to become a sponsor of a child in their program (either in the Soshanguve Township near Pretoria, South Africa or at the center in Mansa, Zambia) you will continue just as you have, having the monthly donation automatically withdrawn from your account, or mailing it monthly or whatever is your current practice, to the office in San Jose, CA (3630 Charter Park Drive).

If you go to the AFnet website at and scroll down from “strategies” you will find a link from there to the Santa Cruz Cares site, and vice versa, our AFnetAid button leads you to the AFnet site. This will be true for a few more months, but by November of this year, that connection will no longer be active since “Santa Cruz Cares” is totally changing its structure. The leadership team of Santa Cruz Cares is retiring and several are moving from the community, and the local support team for AFnet/AFnetAid is completely reorganizing its strategies!

In the summer of 2014 a wonderful team of Twin Lakes volunteers went to the center in Zambia (This is the 3rd team to go to Zambia, and several others have focused on South Africa.) Several of those folks will return with the 2016 TLC team - which will be lead by Pastor Jessica Bristol and lay member Suzie Dailey! The team will have specific goals in their visit, and will return as teams always do, with new insights and enthusiasm. In the past teams have been able to return, and channel their excitement through the activities organized by Santa Cruz Cares. This has included a variety of fund raisers from golf tournaments, pledge drives, May Co shopping days, bake sales, participation in the Human Race, etc., etc. Without these organized fund raisers, the team will need to be creative and fresh in their ideas of ways to help fund specific needs of the larger mission as well as projects for the orphan centers. One thing that will not change is the individual child sponsorship program in which you and others like
you make a pledge to monthly send support to help AFnet provide the basic necessities for the children - food, clothing, school supplies and school fees.

The need has not changed. In addition to these basic items, the education fund has been an extra project - and particularly the children in Manza need this extra funding as the “free” education in Zambia requires fees that increase as the children progress up the grades. This expense is not covered by the $35 per month we sponsors pay. Last year’s fees were more than $8,000 - so AFnet will need additional support from individuals and those who care about the education of these kids.

Suzie Dailey, Babe Meek, and other former members of Santa Cruz Cares have graciously offered to help AFnet maintain the “binder” which shows the photos of children who have and/or need sponsors. They will work with the missions committee and pastor Paul of TLC to find ways to make this information available.


Help other children just like these,
who have known the ravages of the AIDS epidemic in
Southern Africa.





The Orphan Center in Mansa now has a reliable water system!

Wonderful to know that our water now will be "permanently" flowing, as long as the sun shines. We installed a solar system, and so Thank God, no longer dependent upon whether there is electricity or not. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed towards this enourmous need at the
Mansa Orphan Center.

Posted May 13, 2015 by the AFnet Team
on their Facebook page.


In addition to money to cover the solar electric water system, Santa Cruz Cares was able to send $8,600 to cover the cost of school enrollement for our children in Mansa for the school year 2015!




Our Recent Graduates!

Below are the photos of our 6 young men and women who, at the end of the school year in 2014, graduated from the orphan assistance program. They have been attending the AFnet Aids orphan day center for the last 7 years, receiving nutrition, clothing, school support (both financial and assistance with studies) and a supportive and loving environment. They have successfully completed high school and are moving on to the next stage of their lives: job training, higher education, etc.




We Love a Success Story!

This is Kgothatso


Kgothatso was one of the very first children in the program at Tsakelani. Her mother is HIV positive and she has no father. With the support of the program, she finished school in 2010 whilst living in a single room with her mother. She was accepted to the Tshwane University of Technology where she studied to become a Veterinary Laboratory Technician and qualified in 2013. This picture was taken in front of a Veterinary Hospital where she is currently working as a Veterinary Lab Tech.


Photos of the 2014 Mission Team in Zambia


Please go to the Donations page to see how you can help support the work being done at the Tsakelani Center in Soshanguve, South Africa, and/or the ILB Mansa Center in Zambia

May, 2013
We did it! The work has been done!

With the generous donations of our friends, we reached the $15,000 goal! Twin Lakes Church has funded the manpower of local workers to construct the new sanitation system, including showers and toilets, using the funds we have raised!


Find Out How You Can Make a Difference in the
Lives of These Children!


Did you know?

  • Southern Africa is one of the regions hardest hit by disease and poverty.

  • In the areas where the orphan centers have been built, unemployment rate is 65% and the HIV infection rate is as high as 30%.

  • The majority of those dying from AIDS are between the ages of 15-49, orphaning millions of children.

  • In the next five years there will be 2 million orphans in South Africa alone.

  • South African law discourages resident orphanages and/or adopting their children out of the country.

  • Orphan centers are desperately needed.

Purpose Statement: Santa Cruz Cares' focus was to raise funds for the building, and operational and material support of Orphan Day Care Centers in Southern Africa. So far we have paid for the construction and support of the Tsakelani Orphan Day Care Center in Soshanguve. We find monthly sponsors for each child the center serves. We have also committed to find sponsors for the children at ILB (Isubila Lya Bana, which means "Hope for the Children") Mansa Center in Mansa, Zambia.